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Papa John's Pizza  1489 Palm Coast Parkway, Unit 1, Palm Coast, FL 32137
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Papa John's Pizza
Rated 2 out of 5 stars by 5 visitors!
Based on 5 Reviews
Rating: 36% - 5 votes
Cuisines: Pizza
Tel: (386) 446-2323
1489 Palm Coast Parkway, Unit 1, Palm Coast, FL 32137
Price Range: $-$$ (Some entrees under $10, Others $10-$20)
(All Major Credit Cards)
Open: Delivery Hours: 11am - 11pm
Carryout Hours: 11am - 9:30pm
Local Delivery: Limited (call (386) 446-2323)
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Papa John's Pizza
Papa John's Pizza in Palm Coast on FlaglerRestaurants.com
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Palm Coast Restaurant

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Diner Reviews of Papa John's
Review by Mike, Palm Coast
Review date: 11/2/2014 Report this review is abusive or inaccurate!
This Papa John's is typical of any other Papa John's I have eaten. Quality is good enough, the price is right, and service is acceptable. It's a carry out pizza place so there really is no atmosphere, but the place appears clean. My only complaint is the size of a large. Since when is 14 inches a large pizza??? This is not a specific complaint regarding the Palm Coast Papa John's (once again this place is a-ok) but in the Papa John's assumption that large looks quite...um...ordinary and small. I would order here again, but with so many offerings in Palm Coast for larger, better pizzas and Italian, this place is not exactly the highest on the list.
Party Size:  2 Guests Avg. Cost Per Person:  $5-$10 Visit Again?  Yes
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Review by Flagler Native, Palm Coast
Review date: 8/22/2014 Report this review is abusive or inaccurate!
Just ordered 3 medium pizzas with 3 toppings. All three totally awesome! Had them delivered... was told 35 mins. and was here on time and hot. Also, to add I live in the E-section so that's a little bit of a drive from Papa John's! All in all very good.
Party Size:  3 Guests Avg. Cost Per Person:  $5-$10 Visit Again?  Yes
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Review by Guest, Pittman Drive, Palm Coast
Review date: 8/3/2014 Report this review is abusive or inaccurate!
My boyfriend and I ordered a few days ago for delivery - an extra large with breadsticks and a 2 liter of Pepsi. My boyfriend placed the order over the phone, told them he wanted delivery and gave the address. We were given a wait time of 30 minutes. One hour later, he called back, and the girl who answered said "oh that was put in as a carry out, we'll get that out to you..." 20 minutes past and our pizza finally arrives (an hour and 20 minutes after we placed the first call, we were obviously very hungry by this point). To our disappointment, the pizza and breadsticks they delivered were CLEARLY the ones they made an hour and 20 minutes ago. The pizza was LUKE WARM at best, and the breadsticks cold. We refused to eat it.

Poor service from who ever answered the phone. the LEAST they could do was make a new hot pizza that would be fit to eat. But no, we get cold food and made to wait an hour and a half.... Very displeased.

And to add, about 6 months ago, my boyfriend went in for a carry out pick up - they got the order right, however the manager was lazily sitting against a wall not lifting a finger while all the other employees were hurrying about, clearly working hard. My boyfriend asked why he wasn't helping and he said "these are my bitches, and i make them do what i want." called the 800 number to complain to customer service of papa johns, never got a call back.

Disgusted with this level of professionalism. To simply put "You Have One Job." And that's to make a food order correctly and deliver it politely. Neither of which this establishment is capable of.
Party Size:  2 Guests Avg. Cost Per Person:  $10-$15 Visit Again?  No
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Review by Jacques D., Palm Coast
Review date: 11/2/2013 Report this review is abusive or inaccurate!
This was probably one of the worst tasting chain store pizza I have ever had. The dough is not hand tossed, but frozen. You'd be much better off gong and buying a Tombstone frozen pizza. It would taste so much better. This Was Awful...
Party Size:  1 Guest Avg. Cost Per Person:  $10-$15 Visit Again?  No
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Review by Josh, Palm Coast
Review date: 9/1/2013 Report this review is abusive or inaccurate!
Ordered pizzas in for my family. When the pizzas finally got delivered the delivery man was extremely rude and short in response. He then went on to yell at us for giving him the wrong address. As this is our home we are very convinced that we know what our correct address is. After our discussion ended with the very rude delivery man, we then proceeded to find that our order was wrong. When contacting the Papa Johns to inform them of both the rude delivery boy and the wrong pizza being delivered, the store manger went on to tell my wife that the story we conveyed does not seem accurate because his delivery boy was Russian and did not speak English and hung up the phone on my wife while she was talking. I am completely shocked and disgusted by the total lack of service in the delivery of our meal, the preparation of our meal and most of all by the customer service delivered when we stated our issue with the papa johns management. We will no longer be doing any business with this store and advise our friends, families and colleagues to avoid them as well.
Party Size:  6+ Guests Avg. Cost Per Person:  $30-$35 Visit Again?  No
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